Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

You can store furniture, home contents, business stock, archive record, collectables… the list is virtually endless. The only things you won’t be permitted to store are:

Hazardous materials – e.g. explosives, flammables
Illegal goods – e.g. firearms, etc.
Animals / plants / foodstuffs (unless unopened jars or tins)

The cost of a Storage Unit depends on the size that you will need. With varies sizes from small lockers to mini-warehouses. Use our estimator to work out the unit size you’ll need, or ask a member of staff for help. We’ll then provide you a quote for that unit size, but we’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the low cost. We charge VAT on storage rooms.

The price you are quoted is the price you will pay for the Unit Rental. It includes all costs such as rates, service charges, maintenance, utility bills. We charge VAT on the room rental. We recommend that you protect your goods. Parrett Storage can provide protection cover for your goods.

At the start of the Storage unit rental we will charge you for the first 4-week period plus a deposit, future payments are charged every 4 weeks or calendar monthly, payable in advance. We only require 14 days notice of your vacation of the unit, and will refund to you any unused rental at the end of the term*. *subject to terms & conditions

We have some very simple discounts on offer for pre-payment of longer term storage unit rentals: 3% off for pre-payment of 13 weeks’ rental 5% off for pre-payment of 26 weeks’ rental 10% off for pre-payment of 52 weeks’ rental

You can access your goods as often as you like during our long opening hours, 6 days a week, completely free of charge. Add, take away or just sort your goods. 0900-1700 Monday-Friday 1000-1400 Saturday

For everyone’s peace of mind, we need to know that all customers are covered at all times – that’s why all customers must have contents protection for their goods while they are in our self storage facility.

We can accept payment Online Payment Gateway or by Debit Card, Credit Card, cheque or Standing Order. Most customers opt to set up an automated payment method to avoid missing rental payments.

We have a wide range of boxes and packing materials in stock and available on site or online. Various sizes of boxes, including hanging wardrobe cartons, bubble-wrap, packing paper, tape, plastic furniture covers.

We start from metre-cubed lockers (3ft x 3ft x 3ft). Ideal for students’ summer storage or for storing about 10-12 boxes. Our smallest Storage Units start from 35 sq ft, and are a very low cost storage option.

We do not heat our Storage units, in order to avoid variations in temperature within the building, which can cause condensation. The buildings at Parrett Works are well documented stores for rope in the eighteen century, snuff and during the second world war red cross food parcels’ this provides an excellent ambient temperatures, fluctuating little throughout the year.

The height of Storage units are 7’3” (2.02m) high. They are sufficiently high to store nearly all household and normal commercial items.

By booking a unit we guarantee availability of the unit size on the day you need it. However, if you need it today, you can start today – we will usually have something available for you.

You can move in immediately. We will need to complete our simple Online Rental Portal, and take payment of the deposit, plus the first 4-weeks rental, and you can begin putting your goods in to the unit straight away. We do require two forms of ID at the start of the rental (one photo, one proof of address).

At any time you can transfer to another unit (subject to availability), or of course you can simply rent an additional unit for as much or as little time as you wish.

Security is provided at several levels. Firstly each storage unit is individually locked. CCTV is located inside and outside the building, monitoring all entrances and exits. The building is dual alarmed – for intruders and fire detection. Finally, during opening times we have management permanently on site, monitoring all movements within the site, with all visitors logged in and out of the building via a computer managed swipe card reader.

You can remove your goods at any time. We require 14 days’ notice of your intention to leave – in writing, by post or e-mail. When you vacate your unit we will calculate the amount of deposit and unused rental that is to be returned to you.

From just one day, although the minimum rental charge will be 14 days. Once I’ve taken a unit, how long can I rent it for ? You can rent the unit for a day, a week, a month, a year or as long as you like. You pay every 28 days, and when you vacate any unused rental will be returned to you.

You sign a very simple one-page agreement for a unit rental on a rolling 4-weekly rental, but with only 14 days notice needed to terminate the agreement. Our staff will talk you through the agreement, and its terms.

You can bring your items in by your own car or van – we have plenty of parking space.

One of the key benefits of Self Storage is that you are not stuck with who you use for carrying out the transport in to or out of storage. Having said that we can move smaller loads to Parrett Works. We see many removers coming in to Parrett Works, and staff will always recommend companies that they will know will provide the very best service. We have links with van hire companies to provide inexpensive van hire to our customers. Please ask staff for details.

Trolleys are freely available on site for customers’ use. Your goods can be wheeled from your car or van straight inside your storage unit.

At Parrett Storage the aisles are wide, with easy access for large items, which can be easily moved around on our trolleys.

A trained member of staff is always available during opening hours, and will be happy to help in any way they can.